Networking (Comptia N+) Home Networking (Comptia N+)

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This Course Module Offers

The knowledge to :

  • Compare the layers of the OSI and TCP/IP models.
  • Classify how applications, devices, and protocols relate to the OSI model layers .
  • Compare and contrast RAM types and features.
  • Purpose and properties of IP addressing .
  • Purpose and properties of routing and switching.
  • Common TCP and UDP default ports.
  • function of common networking protocols.
  • DNS concepts and its components.
  • Understanding routers and switches.
  • Identify virtual network components.
  • Install, configure & troubleshooting a wireless network.
  • Compare and contrast different wireless standards.
  • Concept of DHCP.
  • Categorize standard media types and associated properties.
  • Categorize WAN technology types and properties.
  • Compare & contrast different Ethernet technologies.
  • Components of wiring distribution.
  • Purpose and features of various network appliances.
  • Appropriate software tools to troubleshoot connectivity issues.

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