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Step in to the IT World with CompTIA network + training in Kolkata

CompTIA network + training

CompTIA network + training in Kolkata is a certificate course which facilitates to gain knowledge and skills for installation and configuring systems to secure applications, networks and devices. It additionally facilitates in analyzing threats and respond to the same with appropriate mitigation techniques. After successful completion of the course, the pursuant will be able to successfully execute the tasks assigned, seamlessly and efficiently.

At IIHT Howrah, our CompTIA network + course in Kolkata is a career driven course for beginners as well as professionals looking forward to make a career in the world of Information Technology. And as the IT sector itself happens to be an ever booming one, it is essential to get a complete, comprehensive and updated knowledge to step in and sustain in the same. Thus forms the importance of our course for the fellow aspirants.

Climb up to the stair of success with our CompTIA network + course in Kolkata

At IIHT Howrah, we understand the fact that the ever booming IT sector consistently undergoes through severe changes and progressive development. And to work in such a dynamic work environment, it is mandatory to stay updated with the latest trends in the same. And thus we designed the curriculum of our CompTIA network + course in Kolkata with all the needful components and module, that are essential for working in a present day work scenario.

After successful completion of our course, the fellow individuals will be able to work as computer technician, help desk technician, field service technician and so on. In fact, one can think of starting his/her own venture after completing his course. A CompTIA certification increases the chance of getting a salary hike by 5-15% if compared with the non certified ones.

What are the objectives of our CompTIA network + course in Kolkata

At IIHT, our CompTIA network + course in Kolkata is driven by the mission to create efficient professionals who can perform seamlessly in the dynamic IT sector. The objectives of our curriculum encompasses around:

  • Identification of comprehensive risk and mitigation in IT industry.
  • Provision of security at operational, informational, application and infrastructure level securities.
  • Keeping a network secured by maintaining availability, integrity and confidentiality of secret and crucial information.
  • Operating within a pre set rules of norm, policies and regulations.

With these following set of objectives, we have developed our curriculum to cater to the requirement of the target segment.

What makes our curriculum exclusive?

At IIHT Howrah, we not only provide a mere certification but rather focus keenly on the learning drive. The pedagogy of our compTIA network certification is designed with the most appropriate content and modules that are required for working in real time work stations.

Another aspect that marks our CompTIA network + course in Kolkata as an exclusive one is our robust team of handpicked faculty. Our faculties bear a strong knowledge and years of experience in the relevant sector. Therefore are able to teach the right way, and takes utmost care to make each and every concept crystal-clear to the fellow pursuant. Our every classroom session subjects the fellow individual through rigorous brainstorming and practice sessions which helps to build a strong grip on the subject consistently. In case of better understanding, our institute also provides one to one doubt clearing sessions with our faculties. Once you select our institute to pursue our CompTIA network + course in Kolkata, we provide all sort of help and assistance to get you the support and guidance you need.

The quintessential feature that marks our curriculum of CompTIA network + course in Kolkata to stand out of the crowd is our practical sessions. Our labs are enabled with instruments equipped with cutting edge technology. Hence it is no way different than the real time work stations where the employees work in the IT sector. As a result, the fellow candidates can get a real exposure and hands on experience about how to work in real office premises under the specified job roles. Our experienced lab technicians provide utmost assistance to the candidates to let them implement their classroom knowledge in the practical application. This consolidation of our curriculum helps to bridge the gap between classroom lessons and practical experiences. And this cumulative form of knowledge finally helps the candidate to be industry ready, and step in to the world of Information Technology.

At IIHT, our CompTIA network + course in Kolkata comes with the following benefits:

  • Our CompTIA network + course in Kolkata provides a deep driven idea about installation and configuring systems to secure applications, networks and devices.
  • Our course is available in multiple slots and flexible timings. So, even working professionals can opt for the curriculum by selecting the preferred slot that fits him/her right.
  • For better understanding of concept, we also provide one to one doubt clearance classes with our faculties.
  • Our CompTIA network + course in Kolkata can be availed by people from non technical backgrounds as well. Our team of handpicked faculty members will make each and every concept clear and teach with utmost care and guidance.
  • The certificate we provide bears a global acceptance. Therefore, once you complete the course, your scopes of job opportunities are no more limited to the domestic barriers.
  • Our CompTIA network + course outline is designed with the contents related to latest trends in the IT industry. So a certification in the same keeps you ahead of your fellow colleagues in terms of productivity and leadership.

We all know that every IT firm is driven by the productivity and competence of its employees. And a certification in CompTIA network + course in Kolkata marks the fellow individual to be trusted as a perfect fit for an organization with increased productivity and cutting edge competence. Needless to mention it increases the acceptance of an individual to a great extent in this dynamic sector of information technology.

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