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Cisco Certified Networking Professional (CCNP) is an advanced level professional course essential for honing up the skills of networking. This course is especially suggested for the CCNA certified candidates to upgrade their skills and certification to a step up. The course also involves IT professional with at least one year of experience in professional networking. So, to consistently sustain with the advanced progressive changes in the vertical of Information Technology, a CCNP training in Kolkata from IIHT, is an intelligent choice to opt for.

With a consistent increase in demand of the expert network professional in the booming IT sector, we at IIHT Howrah introduced our CCNP training in Kolkata. With a mission to cater to the increased requirement for network experts, the curriculum at our CCNP training institute in Kolkata is designed especially to create advanced and skilled networking professionals with cutting edge expertise.

With the consistent growth and development of technology, every networking professional need to update their skills. It is not that a CCNA degree will leave someone jobless, but a CCNP degree along with, can easily make way for a salary hike and promotion in respective job sectors. And that’s the reason, we have introduced our CCNP training in Kolkata to cater to the corresponding requirements accordingly.

As a pioneer CCNP institute in Kolkata, we do understand the importance of an advanced level training program as the need of the hour. And so are designed our course curriculum to subject the fellow pursuing candidate through a comprehensive development of advanced skill and efficiency.

Our CCNP course in Kolkata are destined to train the pursuing candidates with techniques of troubleshooting, install and manage area networks like LAN and WAN for systems between 100 and 500 nodes. Also the program provides a comprehensive idea about different routing protocols, route redistribution, Ethernet, and Apple Net.

Upgrade Your Networking Skills With Our CCNP Training In Kolkata

At IIHT Howrah, our CCNP training in Kolkata is designed with an apt pedagogy, to make the curriculum driven by the current needs of the IT industry. And as the ever booming IT industry, consistently undergo dynamic changes, limiting the skills can inflict saturation and stagnancy to the corresponding individual from growth and progression. In fact, no matter how experienced an individual is, somehow an advanced level certification actually plays a pivotal role to separate the rice from the chaff.
As a responsible CCNP institute in Kolkata, we at IIHT Howrah always ensure to subject our pursuing individuals through an organized and structured training program that facilitates to enhance their networking skills.

Another important aspect that many are not aware about our CCNP institute in Kolkata, is that it facilitates to opt for developing advanced skills in cyber security measures.
Although the basic CCNA degree covers the basic level nitti gritties which facilitates to learn Ethical Hacking, an advanced level CCNP training in Kolkata is extremely essential to board on to the platform of cyber security with most updated skills and efficiency. In a world driven by technology, the number of cyber crimes happening all around is alarming to its core. And in such a circumstance, it indeed calls for Ethical Hackers with cutting edge efficiency to prevent such crimes. So any individual, who aspires to build a career as an Ethical Hacker, in the versatile world of cyber security, our advanced level CCNP training in Kolkata is apt for developing the building blocks that pave the way to consistent success.We are a responsible CCNP institute in Kolkata who offers you a robust platform to hone your needful skills.

At IIHT Howrah, our CCNP training in Kolkata, marks itself as a kind of its own. Our curriculum is designed to provide a compact and comprehensive knowledge about advanced networking operations. Along with the theoretical classes, the curriculum of our CCNP institute in Kolkata is enabled with hands on practical classes in our labs. Our labs are equipped with cutting edge workstations which makes our practical classes no less than the actual set up used in real time work places. Hence the pursuing candidates from our CCNP institute in Kolkata get actual hands on experience and idea about working in a real office. This live projects and experiments play an important role in bridging the gap between textual knowledge and its application. Therefore the cumulative experience facilitate in overall comprehensive development of the individual concerned. Perhaps that’s the reason, IIHT Howrah happens to be a much acclaimed CCNP training institute in Kolkata.

Our CCNP Training In Kolkata Comes With The Following Benefits:

  • The curriculum of our CCNP institute in Kolkata facilitates in getting better jobs.
  • The CCNP curriculum of our institute certifies an individual as skilled in switching and routing operations.
  • An experienced IT professional can easily make way for a hike or promotion, after successful completion of CCNP training in Kolkata.
  • A certification from our CCNP institute in Kolkata in your resume, can act as a credible gateway to explore through a plethora of advanced networking jobs with a better pay package.
  • Every company needs to prevent themselves from external threats due to internet. A certified CCNP expert from our CCNP institute in Kolkata plays a pivotal role in such a situation.

An indispensible feature of our institute which eventually marks our CCNP training in Kolkata as a cut above the rest, is our faculty. At IIHT our handpicked experts bear a long standing experience that facilitates the ease of learning for the fellow aspirants. And being backed with such a robust team of faculty, our CCNP institute in Kolkata always ensure a seamless learning process that eliminates the maximum possible chances of leaving the candidates in doubt. Apart from the well equipped lab, the faculty team also assists to let the candidates learn how to implement the lessons learnt in classroom in a real time work station. As a responsible CCNP institute in Kolkata our faculty team subjects every candidate through rigorous practice and internal assessments to evaluate the learning drive of every individual candidates and take necessary measures for further improvement. Also there are provisions for separate doubt clearing classes that allows the pursuing candidates to understand the concepts in a better way with elimination of all sort of doubt. Hence, our CCNP training in Kolkata marks itself as a kind of its own, eventually adding up to the credibility that defines what we stand for.

After successful completion of our CCNP training in Kolkata the certified candidates get enormous opportunity to work in leading IT companies at reputed designations like Network Engineer, Network Analyst, System Engineer, Network Specialist, IT Team Leader and so on.

To choose the best way to boost your IT career, our CCNP course in Kolkata leads you to find the right path.

Join us today, and walk your way to a brighter career opportunity in the dynamic and ever booming IT sector.

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