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A job in Software, Web and Mobile apps Development courses indeed stabilizes the career of an individual. And for that it is highly essential to hone up your skills in the same. With a valid certification it indeed facilitates to stay ahead and bag your job before someone else do the same . Our course facilitates you exactly with the assistance you are looking for.

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While the world is moving towards progressive digital transformation, a professional certification in IT will make you a part of the revolution and change.
Over the years, IIHT has been the first choice among students and professionals who are aspiring to respond to the huge shift and looking forward to make that important leap towards a career in the IT industry. At IIHT Howrah, Software, Web and Mobile apps Development training institute in Kolkata our curriculum is driven by the recent trends of the IT industry and so are designed the teaching methods.
So if you are planning to become a Software, Web and Mobile apps Developer, or planning to open your own startup in Software, Web and Mobile apps Development business.. our curriculum will assist you to understand the industry while giving you the required skills to stand out from the rest.

This Course Module Offers

Operating Systems

  • Operating System Overview
  • Multi-Tasking
  • Threads
  • Process Management
  • Memory Management
  • File Management

Programming Fundamentals

  • Algorithm & Data structures
  • Selection and Control Structures
  • Arrays and Strings
  • Functions
  • Files Handling

Object Oriented Concept

  • Beginning with Object-Oriented concepts
  • Classes & Objects
  • Encapsulation and Abstraction
  • Inheritance and Polymorphism


  • Basic HTML
  • HTMLS - Overview
  • HTML5 - Systax
  • HTMLS - Attributes
  • Software Engineering Process
  • HTMLS - Web Forms
  • HTML5 - MathML
  • HTMLS - Web Storage
  • HTML5 - Web SQL
  • TMLS5-Server-SentEvents
  • HTMLS - WebSocket


  • CSS ID and Classes
  • CSS Background
  • CSS text
  • CSS font
  • CSS links
  • CSS Lists
  • CSS tables
  • CSS div concept
  • CSS box model
  • CSS padding and margin
  • CSS border and outline
  • CSS group/nesting
  • CSS dimension
  • CSS display
  • CSS positioning
  • CSS floating
  • Perform Test Case Review
  • CSS align
  • CSS image-gallery
  • CSS image-opacity
  • CSS image-properties


  • CSS ID and Class Theory,Terminology and Concepts and Architecture
  • Data Definition using SQL
  • Querying for Data
  • Set Operators
  • Modifying Data
  • Joins
  • Subquery
  • Transactions
  • Function and Methods
  • Import/Export
  • MySQL application development
  • Basic optimizations

Adobe Photoshop

  • Essential Photoshop skills to Manipulate Combine and Mask Digital images


  • 1 Introduction of Web & PHP
  • Exploring Date Types
  • Control Structures: Logical Expressions
  • Control Structures: Loops
  • User-Defined Functions
  • Debugging
  • Building Web Pages with PHP
  • Working with Forms and Form Data
  • Working with Cookies and Sessions
  • Building a Content Management System (CMS)
  • Using Site Navigation to Choose Content
  • Application CRUD ,
  • Building the Public Arca
  • Regulating Page Access
  • Advanced PHP Techniques
  • Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • OOP in Practice
  • Working with Files and Directories
  • Collections and Util package - Util
  • Sending Emails


  • Coding Standards
  • Refactoring
  • Best Practices in Java
  • PMD & CPD
  • Debugging
  • Installing Joomla on local server
  • Installing Joomla on Web server
  • JOOMLA global configuration
  • Article Manager
  • Archive Manager
  • Frontpage Manager
  • Debugging
  • Section Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Media Manager
  • Menu Manager
  • Debugging
  • Component Manager
  • Content Manager
  • Extensions Manager
  • Module manager
  • Plugin Manager
  • Template Manager
  • Installing New Module
  • Installing a New Template
  • Installing a New Plugin9
  • Installing a New Component
  • Understanding the concepts of Joomla
  • Debugging
  • Changing the layout structure by changing the module position
  • Understanding the basics of Joomla template
  • Customizing Joomla Template
  • Building Custom Joomla template
  • Understanding template details and file
  • Creating template Details.xml file
  • Debugging
  • Debugging
  • Linking CSS
  • Debugging
  • Creating template Details.xml file
  • Debugging
  • Linking CSS
  • Linking CSS Linking Javascript
  • Debugging
  • Understanding jdoe include
  • Displaying content in XHTML
  • Creating template installation package
  • Creating Custom Forms
  • Changing the Form appearance using CSS


  • Drupal Overivew
  • Drupal Installation
  • Adding new Modules
  • Updating New Modules
  • Functions
  • Basic Drupal Modules Overview
  • Content Types
  • Content Creation Kit(CCK)
  • User and Roles

Building Social Networking Application in Drupal

  • Social Networking in Drupal Overview
  • User Profiles
  • J2EE Architecture - Web servers
  • Forum
  • Buddylist/Friends
  • Groups
  • J2EE Architecture - Web servers
  • J2EE Architecture - Web servers
  • Events
  • Images and Photo Galleries
  • Search facility

Creating Multilingual Sites in Drupal

  • Modules for Multilingual Drupal
  • Content translation modules
  • Interface translation modules
  • Widgets and other modules
  • Machine translation modules
  • Setting up the languages
  • Domain vs url
  • Automatic language selection
  • Translating Nodes (pages. bouks, posts, ete.)
  • Translating other Entities
  • Translating Menus
  • Translating Block Contents
  • Tracking differences and updating transfations
  • Helper modules and extras

Wordpress Fundamentals

  • Understanding hosting options for your WordPress installs
  • Creating posts with images, image galleries, video's and links
  • Building New Pages and customizing navigations
  • Extending functionality with plugins
  • Best practice for managing user and site maintenance

Java Script

  • Javascript - Basics
  • Javascript - Objects & Events

Wordpress - Using Dreamwaver

  • Understand the Wordpress structure,setup and activate themes and child themes
  • Work with web fonts throughout the text structure of your site
  • Understand Wordpress plugin understand and styling plugin output
  • Set up the data in Worpress and adding dynamic data from Wordpress to your web pages
  • Administer,export,import and test Wordpress websites
  • Data hiding

Wordpress - Security and Mobile

  • Understading and using Wordpress mobile pack and WP mobile detector
  • Hardengin Wordpress and implementing a firewall, blocking access and detecting hacks through

Wordpress – Visual Wordpress Design

  • Contructing,building and presenting a theme
  • Adding site extras Setting single post pages,archiving posts,handling search results and custom error pages
  • Mobile responsiveness the different faces of Wordpress on mobile
  • Design thinking,designing for many screen sizes and visualizing content realignment for better look
  • Using FlexSlider and JQuery Masonary in your Wordpress site the use of plugins

So, choose your institute wisely before opting for the course you are looking for. Our Software, Web and Mobile apps Development training institute in Kolkata offers you the fellow benefits to hone up your skills.

What Are The Benefits Of Availing Our Software, Web and Mobile apps Development coursesIn Kolkata?

At IIHT Howrah, we focus keenly on the learning drive to ensure that the candidates leaving from our institute are industry ready, and can be placed easily to work in the respective verticals. The key benefits of availing our, Software, Web and Mobile apps Development course in Kolkata include:

  • A valid certification from our institute provides an ocean of opportunities.
  • Our course involves smooth communication of important information and resources.
  • The Software, Web and Mobile apps Development course in Kolkata facilitates to increase productivity.
  • Every organization needs expert professionals in Software, Web and Mobile apps Development
  • There are excellent scopes of growth in public and private sector in this particular vertical.
  • With a valid certification in this course, it can facilitate the fellow candidates to bag their dream job with proper job satisfaction and a handsome salary package.
  • For the working professionals, this course can be beneficial to get the much deserved promotion followed by a hike in the pay package.
  • The certification of our Software, Web and Mobile apps Development course in Kolkata facilitates to stay ahead of your colleagues in the workplace, in terms of productivity, credibility and performance.

Thus availing the certification from our Software, Web and Mobile apps Development training institute in Kolkata can facilitate the fellow individuals in several ways. The current trend of the IT industry already makes enormous scopes for the experts in Software, Web and Mobile apps Development. And in the coming days the scopes will increase for sure creating even more demand in the corresponding vertical. And thus forms the importance of our Software, Web and Mobile apps Development training course in Kolkata to create future leaders who are capable of catering to the respective verticals in the industry.
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