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Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is a course certified by CISCO which enables a pursuing candidate to get an overall comprehensive idea about how to configure, operate and troubleshoot switch based and router based networks. Also it involves verification and implementation to the remote sites with the help of a Wide Area Network (WAN).

Located near Kolkata, amidst the bustling contiguous of Howrah, IIHT happens to be a pioneer CCNA training institute. With a mission to create future network associates, the institute provides quality education and training through an aptly designed course pedagogy.Our course module of CCNA training in Kolkata encompasses around comprehensive development of skills and techniques which eventually becomes beneficial in the long run. After obtaining a CCNA certification from our CCNA training institute, the fellow candidate gets an enhanced chance to get employed in the IT sector, with better stability.

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As a professional CCNA institute in Kolkata, our course is industry oriented, and so is designed our course module. Our pedagogy is designed by experts, that include all the nitty gritties of the current needs of the booming and ever changing IT sector. An individual possessing a valid CCNA certification from our CCNA training institute eventually indicates that the he/she bears exquisite skills and experience in configuration, installation and operation of network areas like LAN, WAN, and dial access services (Especially the ones with less than 100 nodes). After successful completion of the course, the individual also bears a sound knowledge about usage of IP, Serial, Frame Relay, IGRP, VLAN’s, RIP, IP RIP, Access lists, and Ethernet Network Protocols.
At IIHT, our CCNA training in Kolkata also facilitates the fellow candidate to learn how to install and configure various switches and routers in an internet using various protocols and LAN & WAN interfaces. Our CCNA training institute understand the importance of every minute details of the course, and take utmost care to sharpen the skills.

Another important prospect of our CCNA training in Kolkata involves key components related to cyber security. In fact, the CCNA course itself happens to be the stepping stone to the world of Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking. In a world that is driven by internet based services and portals, the chances and incidents of cyber crime had made its way to a huge extent. And it is increasing with every passing day, eventually creating a demand for certified ethical hackers to cope up with the emergent need of the hour. In comparison to the number of cyber crime that happens all across the globe, the number of certified and efficient ethical hackers are pretty low. So indeed it is a plethora of opportunity for the young aspirants to explore, where the fundamental lesson starts from our CCNA training in Kolkata. With the basic knowledge of CCNA the pursuing candidate from our CCNA training institute get initial expertise, which is indeed beneficial to learn and grow as an aspiring cyber security expert. In nutshell, CCNA forms the basis of learning cyber security.

At IIHT Howrah, we always look forward to create industry ready experts who are all set to gear up and cater to the industrial needs. And that’s the reason we have designed the course module of our CCNA training in Kolkata with quintessential components, required for the same. Apart from theoretical classes we included practical hands on lessons in our laboratories. Our laboratories are enabled with robust set up with cutting edge technology, which allows the pursuing candidate to undergo live experience of working with the necessary components like network, router, switches and so on. This practical implementation of the acquired theoretical knowledge subjects the individual to bridge up the gap between textual knowledge and live hands on experience. Therefore, the cumulative effect facilitates the individual to brush up the skills and hone as an industry ready expert. The live practical classes of our CCNA training in Kolkata is no way different that actual work that is performed in an office. So are our set up with the most updated and advanced technological inclusions. This is a pivotal reason, that makes our CCNA training institute, stand out of the crowd.

At IIHT Howrah, The Key Features Of Our CCNA Training In Kolkata Include:

  • The CCNA course provides a deep driven idea about designing and working with Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN).
  • The training program of our CCNA training institute comes with a comprehensive knowledge of the OSI models.
  • Our CCNA course is enabled with in depth knowledge about Internet Protocol (IP) address of devices, and the relevant applications while working with the same.
  • The curriculum of our CCNA training institute also includes the nitty gritties of WLAN and VLAN, along with its usage and applications.
  • The quintessential component of the course includes a wide array of routing protocols, which are widely used in various sectors of information technology based organizations.
  • The curriculum also enables to learn network security and management.

At IIHT Howrah, our CCNA training institute is backed with a team of excellent CCNA experts who leaves no stone unturned to get the best training for the fellow pursuing candidates. Our course pedagogy subjects the individual towards consistent development via rigorous practice including both theoretical as well as practical hands on experience. Perhaps that’s the reason our curriculum is considered as one of the best CCNA course in Kolkata.

After successful completion of our certificate course in CCNA, the fellow individuals get enormous scope to work as Network Engineer, Network Administrator, IT Manager, Technical Support Engineer and so many other prestigious designations in IT industry.

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