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Are you aspiring to get your dream job? Get certified and grab your opportunity before someone else bags it up. At IIHT Howrah,Cloud computing course in Kolkata certifies you to be the perfect fit for the industry.

A job in cloud computing courses indeed stabilizes the career of an individual. And for that it is highly essential to hone up your skills in the same. With a valid certification it indeed facilitates to stay ahead and bag your job before someone else do the same . Our course facilitates you exactly with the assistance you are looking for.

Open Your Gateway With The Right Cloud computing Training Institute In Kolkata

While the world is moving towards progressive digital transformation, a professional certification in IT will make you a part of the revolution and change.
Over the years, IIHT has been the first choice among students and professionals who are aspiring to respond to the huge shift and looking forward to make that important leap towards a career in the IT industry. At IIHT Howrah, Cloud computing training institute in Kolkata our curriculum is driven by the recent trends of the IT industry and so are designed the teaching methods.
So if you are planning to become a nCloud computing professional, or planning to open your own startup in Cloud computing business.. our curriculum will assist you to understand the industry while giving you the required skills to stand out from the rest.

This Course Module Offers

Understanding & Implementing Microsoft Azure

  • Introduction to Azure
  • Implement and Manage Virtual Networks
  • Implementing Virtual Machines
  • Managing Virtual Machines
  • Implementing Websites
  • Planning and Implementing Storage
  • Planning and Implementing Data Services
  • Implementing PaaS Cloud Services and Mobile Services
  • Implement Azure AD.

Amazon Web Services

  • Selecting and Configuring Amazon EC2 Instances
  • Configuring and Securing a Virtual Private Cloud
  • Managing AWS Resources Using AWS CloudFormation
  • Securing Access to Amazon EC2 Instances
  • Monitoring Amazon EC2 Instances
  • Using AWS Data Services
  • Configuring Route 53

Virtualization of VMware/Vsphere

  • Course Introduction
  • Introduction to VMware Virtualization
  • Configuring VMware ESX1
  • Installing and Using VMware vCentet Serves
  • Networking
  • Storage
  • Virtual Machine
  • Access Control
  • Resource Monitoring
  • Scalability
  • High Availability and Data Protection

Citrix XEN server 6.2

  • Introduction to XenServer
  • Installing and Configuring XenServer
  • XenServer Networking
  • Storage Repositories
  • Creating and Managing Virtual Machine
  • Instailing and Configuring Provisioning Services
  • Managing Disks and Target Devices
  • -ipiementing Resource Pools
  • Distributed Virtual Switching
  • Workload Balancing
  • High Availability
  • Managing and Troubleshooting XenServe

Xen Desktop & App 7.6

  • Understand the Architecture of a XenDesktop Solution
  • Managing Licenses and delegating Administration
  • Managing and Monitoring the Hypervisor
  • Managing Desktops and Applications
  • Managing StoreFront
  • Managing Policies and profiles
  • Managing and Monitoring Sessions, Sites, and End Users with Director
  • Managing Provisioning Services

Monitoring and Operating a Private Cloud with System

  • Introduction to the Private Cloud
  • Configuring and Optimizing Business Unit Clouds
  • Deploying Cloud Services
  • Monitoring Private Cloud Services
  • Configuring Application Performance Monitoring
  • Operating and Extending Service Management in the Private Cloud
  • Problem Management in the Private Cloud
  • Automating Incident Creation, Remediation, and Change Requestsd
  • Automating Self Service Provisioning
  • Private Cloud Protection and Recovery
  • Configuring Compliance in the Private Cloud
  • Configuring SLAs, Dashboards, and Widgets

Configuring and Developing a Private Cloud with System

  • Planning for the Private Cloud
  • Private Cloud Configuration and Deployment with System Center Virtual Machine Manager
  • Extending and Maintaining the Private Cloud Infrastructure Configuring Virtual Application Delivery
  • Deploying and Accessing the First Business Unit Cloud
  • Monitoring the Private Cloud Infrastructure
  • Extending and Customizing Monitoring of the Private Cloud Infrastructure
  • Configuring Route 53
  • Implementing Service Management for the Private Cloud
  • Configuring a Private Cloud Service Catalog
  • Protecting the Private Cloud Infrastructure
  • Automating and Standardizing the Private Cloud

OpenSource OpenStack Cloud Platform

  • Keystone OpenStack Identity Service
  • Glance OpenStack Image Service
  • Neutron OpenStack Networking
  • Nova OpenStack Compute
  • OpenStack Object Storage
  • Using OpenStack Dashboard

Network Monitoring with Nagios

  • Nagios Introduction
  • Downloading and Installation
  • Getting Started with Nagios
  • Monitoring Linux systems
  • Monitoring Windows systems

So, choose your institute wisely before opting for the course you are looking for. Our Cloud computing training institute in Kolkata offers you the fellow benefits to hone up your skills.

What Are The Benefits Of Availing Our Cloud computing coursesIn Kolkata?

At IIHT Howrah, we focus keenly on the learning drive to ensure that the candidates leaving from our institute are industry ready, and can be placed easily to work in the respective verticals. The key benefits of availing our, Cloud computing course in Kolkata include:

  • A valid certification from our institute provides an ocean of opportunities.
  • Our course involves smooth communication of important information and resources.
  • The Cloud computing course in Kolkata facilitates to increase productivity.
  • Every organization needs expert professionals in Cloud computing
  • There are excellent scopes of growth in public and private sector in this particular vertical.
  • With a valid certification in this course, it can facilitate the fellow candidates to bag their dream job with proper job satisfaction and a handsome salary package.
  • For the working professionals, this course can be beneficial to get the much deserved promotion followed by a hike in the pay package.
  • The certification of our Cloud computing course in Kolkata facilitates to stay ahead of your colleagues in the workplace, in terms of productivity, credibility and performance.

Thus availing the certification from our Cloud computing training institute in Kolkata can facilitate the fellow individuals in several ways. The current trend of the IT industry already makes enormous scopes for the experts in cloud computing. And in the coming days the scopes will increase for sure creating even more demand in the corresponding vertical. And thus forms the importance of our Cloud computing course in Kolkata to create future leaders who are capable of catering to the respective verticals in the industry.
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