Learn The Basics Of Networking And Routing With Our Juniper Networks Training In Kolkata

Juniper Networks Training

A certification in Juniper networking facilitates to learn the basics of configuration, routing, operations monitoring, firewall filters and so on. At IIHT Howrah, our juniper networks training in Kolkata provides an alternative platform to the aspiring individuals to develop a career in networking.

Make Your Gateway To The IT Industry With Our Juniper Networks Courses In Kolkata

Juniper networks technology allows the organization to maximize the efficiency and gain value, especially in IT firms. Our juniper networks courses in Kolkata are especially designed as per the latest trends in the IT industry. Our course curriculum subjects the individual through an overall comprehensive knowledge of all the needful modules of the course pedagogy, so as make them industry ready.

Choose The Right Juniper Networks Institute In Kolkata For A Seamless Career

When pursuing for juniper networks courses in Kolkata the most essential criteria is to get the right institute. In fact it is hard indeed nowadays to find an institute that focusses more on the learning drive than providing just a mere certification. At IIHT Howrah, we mark ourselves as different in this context. Our career driven curriculum is keenly focused to create industry ready individuals.

Some key features that make us stand out of the crowd, can be briefed as follows:

  • Our juniper networks Institute in Kolkata bears a strong record of over a decade in academic excellence.
  • Our certified candidates are now established and working successfully in the corresponding sectors of the industry.
  • We are backed with a robust team of faculty who bears a strong knowledge and sound experience in the relevant sectors.
  • Our faculties facilitate to provide utmost guidance with our routine classroom coaching.
  • The juniper networks courses of our institute also comes with an added advantage of practical hands on experience. It helps to bridge up the gap between the theoretical knowledge and its practical applications.
  • At IIHT, our practical labs are enabled and equipped with set ups and instruments of cutting edge technology, which is no way different from a real work space. There the candidate is also subjected through a real time exposure of working in an actual work station.
  • Our juniper networks courses in Kolkata are offered in flexible timings and multiple slots. Hence the fellow candidate can select the suitable batch to enroll accordingly.
  • The added benefit of our multiple slots and timings also facilitate the working professionals to select the right slot as per the schedule.
  • IIHT provides a certification that is accepted globally. Hence, after successful completion of the course, the job opportunities remain no more restricted to the domestic walls.

Thus, if you are looking forward to juniper networks courses in Kolkata you are in the right place. We get you the complete set of guidance and assistance you actually need.

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing Our Juniper Networks Courses In Kolkata

At IIHT Howrah, our juniper networks courses in Kolkata comes with a set of benefits which happens to be useful for the fellow pursuant for working in the ever booming and dynamic IT world. The key benefits of our course can be briefed as:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of Network: At IIHT, the juniper networks courses in Kolkata are driven by a motto to provide fundamental ideas of Junos operating system, networking fundamentals, basics of switching, routing and so on. Also it facilitates to learn the core functionality of a Junos operating system.
  • Implementation of Switching and Routing: An added benefit of our juniper networks courses in Kolkata is to learn the usage and implementations of the concept of Switching and Routing. These two forms the quintessential component of a networking system. Hence the course curriculum forms a strong foundation to work with the same. The written exam also verifies the understanding of the candidate with the concepts of Switching and Routing. Thus it forms a concrete base that facilitates to hone up the networking skills.
  • Configuration of system in devices: The juniper networks courses in Kolkata also facilitate to configure the systems in devices. All through the course curriculum, the candidates are subjected to build enterprise network infrastructures that consist of various switching devices and routers. The successful candidates are also enabled to configure the systems on all devices.

Who Can Avail Our Juniper Networks Courses

At IIHT Howrah, our curriculum of juniper networks courses in Kolkata is especially designed for the candidates looking for an alternative of CISCO, to pursue a career in networking. However, the notable criteria must include the fellow features:

  • Candidates bearing a basic knowledge and interest in networking.
  • Aspiring students pursuing basic level studies in academic institutions.
  • Experienced engineers, who are novice to the concept of junipers.
  • Working professionals looking forward to upgrade their networking skills.
  • Individuals looking for an alternative to CICSO certified courses.

So if any of the criteria mentioned above matches you, consider yourself to be on the right platform.

What Makes Our Juniper Networks Courses In Kolkata Exclusive

At IIHT Howrah, Our juniper networks training in Kolkata marks itself as a kind of its own. The notable highlights complementing the same can be expressed as:

  • The curriculum involves advanced knowledge and outlook of an open learning system.
  • The course assists to learn from self-measure assisting guidelines.
  • Our juniper networks courses in Kolkata helps to participate in several live discussions with professional experts.
  • Our course also assists to watch and learn from lab exercise demos.
  • The curriculum is backed with rigorous practice tests and sessions. It helps to prepare strongly for the final certification exam.
  • A noted feature of our juniper networks training in Kolkata is that, it helps to discuss topics and collaborate, with the companions, and facilitate to approve experts in an online forum.

So, feeling like this is your right path? Hesitate no more and join our curriculum today! Our juniper networks training in Kolkata will let you walk your way to a successful career in networking, in the ever booming and dynamic IT world. Our long standing academic excellence defines what we stand for.
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